22 October, 2008



Realistic and animation



Compare the above drawings with the one below, which is realistic and well
shaded the above figures are defined by lines and the one below is a blend of
shading and rendering.


it comes to animation, characters need to be designed in such a way that it is
easily drawn with minimum efforts. That means animated characters should be
designed with minimum possible lines with an appealing look.


Drawing on this page are
examples of live sketches from fine art institutions where artists like to bring
life into a single drawing by adding more details with extreme shading. But
always remember in animation it is not just the character outlook that matters,
but the way the character is animated. Since animation is the art of creating an
illusion of movement by combining hundreds of frames of same character, it is
advised, that the character that needs to be animated should be easy to draw and
animate for others.


The drawings from life include
objects around us like a light box, speakers, teacups, saucers etc. Try to adapt
quick sketching. In quick sketching you should be able to retain both shape and
proportion of the object.



Drawing from reference
material, such as photos and paintings gives a better idea in constructing the
mood and pose of the character. First of all, one should figure out the elements
that can be incorporated from the reference material. For example, a good
fashion photograph can help in developing an appealing anatomy for your
character, since photos are the images that carry the real features of the
respective subject. It is best advised to incorporate them for developing
features like muscle construction, expressions, line of action etc…

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