22 October, 2008






Applying Lines:


A single line can make a big difference in creating any object or character. The above drawings are the best examples. You can find a variation in the lines that are used to create a fire, when compared to that of a raindrop or a big splash. Concept of stylization applies here. Depicting the desired shape using minimum lines is the essence of stylization. Constant practice and keen study helps in learning the concept of stylization.


Always remember that anything to be animated should have the simplest design. Stylization is nothing but making your character or object look simple such that it helps the people from other departments to reproduce them easily. For example, Mickey Mouse looks the same although tens of animators have animated it for hundreds of episodes from different parts of the world. It can be observed that the present Mickey Mouse has evolved to a much better appeal, when compared to the early Disney Mickey.

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