Subject : perspective term

16 January, 2009


We all know that the term “subject” refers to the object or scene that we are dealing with in the composition of our drawing or painting. It can be one item or many things, such as a complex scene from nature. Whichever it is, we must try and present that subject so as to create a pleasant picture. Using perspective as an aid in deciding how to best portray the subject is very helpful. Make sure that you have chosen a subject that you really have a desire to draw or you might lose interest in it along the way and never complete the work because the initial excitement with the subject waned. All of us have experienced the feeling of excitement at the beginning of a work only to have it wane as we progress into the labor of actually doing it. It is up to us to reach out and yank back that enthusiasm we felt in the beginning so as to make the work what we had hoped it would be. If we don’t, it will turn out looking labored. So, select your subject carefully and realize how much work there will be in bringing it to a completed piece. By following through this manner, we experience a rewarding sense of accomplishment.


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